First Seattle Family Biking Meet-Up! Also: ch-ch-changes.

Mess of bikes.

Wednesday is the Farmers’ Market in my neighborhood and we try to go every week. It’s a great chance for DPS to ride his own bike and for us to hang out with friends at the park/community center. So I decided that it might be a good situation for a recurring Seattle Family Biking meet-up. And how!

It was pretty rad to see all the different set-ups. My friend B was there with (what I like to call) her cannibalized Trek: iBert on the front for her almost 2yo and a Burley Piccolo on the back for her 4.5yo. C (who I met for the first time) was there with her Xtracycled Bianchi (which I think inspired my other friend H to Xtracycle her Bianchi). S was there with his baby blue Madsen. And of course M and I had our Big Dummies. Lots of little kids zipping by on bikes, too! I love that part.

I just really love hanging around other biking families. It feels good, man. And there’s so much to talk about. I love to check out all the ingenious ways people carry their kids and cargo on bikes. And there are so many bikeyfaces!

So very ergo-eco.

In other news, I have been feeling some wrist pain with my standard-issue Surly handlebars/grips (I have no idea which is the true culprit here, or if it’s something else entirely). Getting some new grips.

Looking sexy on someone else’s bike ( for original).

I also realized that I need a place to toss a hoodie and some snacks for the kids. The Dummy is amazing at holding stuff, but if there’s a way to get crap in/out of the Free Loaders without engaging the Rolling Jackass (oh, the names of this stuff…) and getting completely off the bike… well, I’d love to know.

In other news: What is wrong with me? I have a cold today but still felt compelled to ride the kids to and from the beach, totaling 16 miles. It might not sound like a lot, but huffing and puffing up Meridian on the way back made me feel like I was inhaling flaming, acid-soaked glass shards. And also sand. Not even nice Hawaiian sand; Golden Gardens sand. With glass and trash in.

Lots of rides going on in town this weekend–I hope the weather is a lie. Good riding weather to you and goodnight!

Junuary in Seattle: I’m against it.

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