Weehoo! DaveyOil! Day of Rest.

Good to see the Weehoo coming out of retirement again.This week it felt good to loan out our Weehoo to a friend so she could get pedaling with her five-year-old daughter–a classmate at DPS’s preschool. We don’t use it anymore because I refuse to get back on the Frankenbike after having taken ownership of Helga (Helga and I are still possessive of each other, what can I say). It was contagious to behold their bikeyfaces! I can’t wait to ride with them again.

As an aside, my experience with Weehoo has been great–there’s a Facebook page and the owner of the company regularly posts there to help troubleshoot and the like. He even gave me his personal cell number (on a public wall post!) and told me to call any time, since I was having some trouble getting the bushing installed on my seat post (nothing a little packing tape couldn’t fix–don’t worry, it’s legit). I love it when that happens.

Plus, it’s such a practical trail-a-bike: comfy, padded, recumbent seat with a three-point harness; velcro foot straps; drink and snack holders; built-in panniers; a maximum weight of 65 lbs. (holy crap!); and it breaks down easily to fit in the trunk of a car. A kid can pedal or sleep or rest or snack or whatever–it’s a great trail-a-bike. My only wish is that it attached like the Burley Piccolo to a custom rack instead of the seat post, as there is a teeny bit of wobble sometimes.

Putting DaveyOil and Little Oil right to work.

Davey and Little Oil show Family Ride how her fancy new pump works while PvE supervises.

AND THEN serendipity struck! After parting ways with my newly Weehoo-enabled pal, I got to unexpectedly meet DaveyOil! He was meeting up with Family Ride so they could do a Critical Mass ride together, so we played and grazed a bit at Seattle Center before they had to jet. I needed to adjust my new Ergon grips, and because I remain totally clueless about most mechanical bikestuffs, I thought for sure I was going to have to take Helga in to see Edward at Ride Bicycles before he took off for a long trip to China.

I mentioned it and Davey handed me his multitool and told me to figure out which doodad (my term, not his) fit the job. At first I tried to cram pointy things under the grip itself because that’s what I had seen my mechanics doing, but Davey–without laughing at me even a little!–mentioned that actually I could easily adjust them myself with the turn of a screwdriverthingie (again, my term). And in 30 seconds or fewer, the problem was solved and my ride got 200% sweeter. Thanks, Davey!

O Parking Squid, how do we climb thee? Let me count the ways.

The Parking Squid remains a hit, but a nice security officer informed us that the nearby foliage may look like “woods,” but actually harbors a lot of junkies who leave behind dirty needles in the mulch and such. Charming! So we herded our kids back out to the pavement and into the (now so-called) Armory for foodstuffs.

Another action shot courtesy of Family Ride

I also just found out that Davey will likely be teaching the ABCs of Biking class at Bike Works in August–this is a class I have really been wanting to take, though I’m intimidated by the course content and by finding childcare. But if Davey’s teaching, that’s all the more incentive. I can tell I won’t feel totally embarrassed and/or stupid the entire time, which is a plus. I do often wonder if I did something foolish by buying such an expensive bike without really understanding how it works, but I’m ready to learn.

I’m still getting my cargo/bike legs, it seems. After a few consecutive 20+ mile days in the saddle, I had to take yesterday (mostly) off from riding. Sore and low on power, I was. I read taking time off is good, but it’s hard to give up the bike when the sun is out in Seattle.

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