It’s sunny! It’s rainy! It’s… runny?

Today DPS had a preschool field trip to see a play at the local Children’s Theatre, so we biked on down there with another biking family from school. It was chilly, so the kids were bundled in what was almost winter outerwear.

We were apprehensive about the hill that is Dexter, but it ended up being pretty mild-mannered and manageable. It’s recently paved, and the bike lanes are well done (they swoop out of traffic and behind bus stops, for example).

After the play and lunch at Seattle Center, my friend (who currently rides with a 4.5yo on a Burley Piccolo trail-a-bike and 2yo in an iBert on her Trek) tried out my Dummy.

It's a little on the small side, but kids don't care.

We eventually biked back to Gasworks Park in the sun. We happily peeled off layers and stuffed the Dummy’s Free Loaders with coats and rain pants and newt suits. As we were pulling onto the Burke-Gilman trail, we met up with Mr. Wizard and two-year-old PvE (for that is what he shall be named here) on the Madsen (AKA, “The Bucket Bike,” or “Daddy Bucket”).

Unloading fun stuff from the cargo bikes

We played in the sun on Kite Hill and enjoyed epic views of Lake Union and a rad-looking docked Greenpeace ship with rainbows on. Then we noticed a mean old cloud shambling our way and decided it was time to pack up.

Naturally we didn’t really put on any rain gear and no one wanted to wear coats, so we got totally soaked as we did the uphill grind on Meridian back to North Seattle. DPS and PvE decided to ride together in The Bucket Bike and there was no blood! Helga’s flight deck was feeling lonely, so I offered it up to my friend’s 4.5-year-old daughter, who happily boarded and was an exemplary passenger… quietly singing in French and not wiggling even a little.

It rained and rained and then we parted ways with our friends and parked the bikes in the garage and came in and the sun came out and it was once again gorgeous.

When I took my helmet off inside, I realized I was still smiling. It was Bikey Face! After ~11 miles on hills and in the rain! So I took a picture.

Bikey Face! Feeling good after a solid mixed-incline 11-mile ride (partially) in the rain.

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